What 2 years of consistent running taught me,.. apart from fitness!

Hi everyone! Today is 4th May, 2020 and well, it is a special day for me because it marks as exactly 2 years since I started running.


Time travel to 4th May 2018 — Where the fire was kindled!

Vacations just began some days ago, so I was chilling at home. My father returned from work early that day coz it was a Friday so well, weekend feels!

175! One hundred and freaking seventy five!

120 it was supposed to be and my reading was 175, at this young age!

And that’s where it all began. The fear of a short and tough life. The fear of being under-confident. The fear of being judged for my looks.

The fear of being “that fat kid”.

After that

Since then, I have been running consistently for 2 years and thankfully received some remarkable changes and achievements in my life apart from reduced weight and loosened clothes XD.

So, let’s begin!

Learning 1). The way you dress MATTERS! The way you look MATTERS!

Until 2 years ago, I used to feel that looks don’t matter and one should not be judged by one’s looks or dressing sense. So, I didn’t use to think about dressing well either. I used to dress really bad like even while going to classes or going out with friends, I used to wear an oversized pair of track pants, a XXL T-shirt and a pair of slippers because being fat, buying clothes was a tough job and always a reminder to me about how fat I was. So, I hated buying new clothes for different occasions and all.

Jo dikhta hai, woh bikta hai! (Whatever is visible, that is sold)

And there’s nothing wrong with that. It’s human nature. You get judged by your first impression and well, your dressing sense and your looks do emanate a huge portion of your personality in the first impression.

Learning 2). Discipline is going to be your BEST friend throughout your life. Read it again!

What I am going to say right now might be pretty controversial but please bear with me.


Discipline is comfortable.

Discipline makes you feel safe and secure.

Discipline makes sure that you get what you deserve.

Discipline guards you from regret and guilt.

Discipline gives you self-worth and confidence.

Discipline never betrays you.

Discipline keeps you happy!

Learning 3). It’s never too late to do it. And you can always adjust time for it, if it’s worth it. ALWAYS!

One of the most impactful learnings I got from running. This might sound mainstream but bear with me.


Time was and will “never” be the constraint. But your intentions might be. Don’t lie to yourself then!

Learning 4). Stop over-romanticizing the goal. The real essence is the “Journey”

I started running with a target of achieving the body weight of 89 Kgs because I had that weight when I entered the college and it looked pretty fine. And I was able to reach 89–90 Kgs by focusing on this goal or target.


Running became my escapism. Running became my meditation.


Your love for journey will make you surpass your goals even without you being aware of that!

“Running” gifted me these things

These things I have been able to achieve through running or through the characteristics instilled by it

  • Increasing my non-stop running stamina from 200 metres to 7.2 Kilometres.
  • Improving academically from a ruined CGPA.
  • Securing freelancing gigs.
  • Securing an international internship.
  • Securing one of the top cloud certifications.
  • Getting placement offer from a top financial firm.

End note

What I wanted to convey through this article was that just take up a positive habit which requires consistency and feeds in discipline. It can be anything, running, gyming, whatever. And you’ll see your life changing much faster than you think in front of your eyes!

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